For over a decade Mark’s leadership in Citizen Architect has created resources and support for Citizen Architects where none previously existed. Mark was the 2017 Chair of the Center for Civic Leadership at AIA. Under his leadership, Mark created the Citizen Architect Handbook, a widely

used free resource for starting your own Citizen Architect Committee at your component to running for elected office. In the 4 years that Mark served as the Chair of the Citizen Architect Subcommittee, he oversaw the creation of a national database, spoke at AIA Grassroots on Creating Impact as a Citizen Architect, and led a workshop session at the National Conference. Mark is a founding member of AIACC Citizen Architect Working Group. Mark is working with the committee and the staff to make California a national example. Mark is creating a network of best practices for states to follow as they create Citizen Architect Committees.
During Mark’s 2009 Presidency at the AIA Pasadena & Foothill Chapter, he launched the first Citizen Architect Committee and created a service arm o

f the chapter. This work transformed AIAPF and became a national example. This was first manifested in road shows to other components with AIAN staff, then was celebrated as an example in the AIA Guidebook, Creating a Citizen Architect Committee. Mark was the subject the Citizen Architect on the Move podcast and spoke at AIA Grassroots on How to Start and Run a Citizen Architect Committee at your component.Mark served on the board at AIAPF since 2007, and was the 2009 President. He also served on the AIACC Board in 2008. Mark has chaired the Citizen Architect Committee from 2009 to present. Work on this committee garnered national attention for AIAPF as a role model of a Citizen Architect Committee.


Mark served a three-year term on the Architectural Evaluation Board at Los Angeles County Public Works, where he ensured fair inclusive distribution

 of work for the region’s firms. Mark’s service created projects of several hundred million dollars. Mark served as the architect on a selection committee for the $880M San Gabriel Valley Light Rail Extension. Mark was a director of the AIA California Council’s State Agency Liaison Committee with the California Department of Water Resources, where he coordinated new legislation and provided recommendations to the AIACC Board. Mark is a tireless advocate in his chapter area serving on committees and working as a resource for local planning departments on architectural issues.

Mark is a member of the Urban Fabrick Collaborative, and was a key member on the recent publication, Non-Potable Water Reuse in Buildings. Mark taught at the USC School of Architecture as a design studio instructor and recreated and taught a graduate level course in sustainability and how design at the site level affects larger infrastructure. Mark chaired the House and Grounds Committee at USC Architecture and where his committee created an energy evaluation of the school with recommendations for sustainable upgrades. Mark’s service extends to his pro-bono work which includes a successful processing of a parking reduction variance for a local church, a sustainable study session for an Assistance League, and a private camp for CalTrout, which is the advocacy set-piece for their work in stream restoration in California. The creation of the Citizen Architect Committee at AIAPF has resulted in a community garden, a partnership with Habitat for Humanity, a master plan and fundraising document for a local humane society and many study sessions as an extension of our advocacy efforts.