515 Pioneer RFP

Location: Glendale, CA
Completion: Unbuilt
Square Footage 342,858 SF
Project type: Multifamily

Located at 515 Pioneer Drive the site is bordered by North Pacific Avenue to the east, Pioneer Drive to the south, North Kenilworth Avenue to the west and the SR 134 to the north. The site consists of an approximately 2.81 acre. The project is a partnership with SOM, Studio MLA, Mirka, Pacific Southwest Community Development Corporation that proposes 283 affordable housing units for seniors and family.

The Family Housing includes a variety of walk-up unit types on three levels. Units at the ground level have individual entries and patios facing Pioneer Drive. The project bridges the single family housing edge by the creating the ‘front yard’ is a defining characteristic of the neighborhood. Family Town Homes are set back from the street and feature individual unit entries, front stoops, and small private gardens that echo to the surroundings homes and promote activity and eyes on the street.  The upper level units are split-level and are distributed along a shared corridor at level two. The Senior Flats are organized around 4 u-shaped courtyards. Elevators are paired with individual entry lobbies oriented to the center of the site. Additional egress and convenience stairs facilitate connectivity between levels and to key open spaces. Several breaks in the massing provide shared access to upper-level units and feature mail and seating areas.  The Senior Flats also forms a protective shield along SR 134 to mitigate the negative impacts of pollutants and noise by a screened corridor lines the north facade and no units face the freeway. By locating higher density housing to the North side of the site, light and views are preserved to the South.

The project incorporates connections to local community spaces by creating proposal by re-imagines the Kenilworth cul-de-sac as a pocket park. Paving, planting, and nature-play installations create a pedestrian-first environment for the neighborhood and an enhanced connection to Fremont Park. Improvements to the tunnel itself, including way-finding signage and a lighting installation, provide a safer, more enjoyable walk. If possible, the vacant parcel west of the tunnel could be incorporated into the pocket park.

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