Square Footage: 5,838 SF
Project type: Multifamily

The Gangi Residence is a sustainable, contemporary dwelling that continues the spirit of its mid-century neighbors through horizontal massing, fine detailing, and a casual indoor outdoor lifestyle.  The public side of the house is conceived as a light airy enclosed trellis structure that lines each facade and perforates the interior, blurring the lines between inside and out.  The private bedroom wing is a layered block that contrasts the light public trellis structure. The master bedroom retreat sits back from the ground floor through wrap-around balconies which allow 270 degree views and reduce the bulk of the structure.

The entry is defined by doors that enclose a trellis that separates the living room from the great room, and allows a view through the building.  The living room and great room have sliding and pocketing doors that connect to the exterior, and are built into the trellis.  As the trellis beams perforate these rooms they are light shelves, which indirctly light the ceiling and add a lightness to the ceiling plane which continues to the exterior.  Clerestory windows visually connect the ceiling to these overhangs and slope from east to west.

Separating the public areas from the private areas are an office, a tv room, and a chapel.  The bedroom wing is a cluster of rooms around a central semi private rumpus room, patio, and art studio.  Each bedroom opens to its own garden space.  The master bedroom retreat is accessed from a flight of stairs.  The views from the sitting room, named the ‘fish tank’ by the construction team, is a glass room that has views of the entire site.  Gravel carefully selected to match the hues of the distant mountains were placed on the rooftops to enhance the views over them.

The house opens to the pool and garden area on the eastern elevation.  The transition to the exterior here is through a deep trellis which is the armature for a variety of shading.  The roof is sloped up to this area to 10 feet above the 8-foot datum of the sliding doors.  The private spaces step up the slope 16 inches and create a continuous line at 6’8” sliders with 8 foot ceilings allowing a more intimate scale in the bedrooms.  The western elevation has block walls and a low roofline.  This 4” high shot blasted concrete block uses its thermal mass to capture heat at the end of the day and radiate it into the space at night.  The structure is highly insulated from the thermally broken windows to the isolated slab, and heavily shaded.  The roof has a radiant barrier which reflects heat away from the structure.  These passive strategies allow the structure to maintain its temperature, and are supplemented by radiant flooring, which also adds to the comfort of an indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

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